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On this page of avazmedya.com you can download Adventure games torrents, most of them are for PC platform, also cracked by release groups like CODEX or RELOADED.

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Sonic Mania download torrentProduction Year: 2017 (August 29)
Platform: PC
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Its vibrant, retro 2D images and vibrant '90s-motivated pop soundtrack is sufficient to create any Sega Genesis fan squeal in excitement. However, Sonic's most up-to-date outing is concerned however it's decadent in this aspect with reminding one of his previous. Sonic Mania exceeds expectations of what exactly a brand new sport in the franchise may look and perform like, handling to become a magical celebration of yesteryear and a natural development of this series' classic 2D formula.

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Games Torrents | Views: 2397 | Downloads: 97 | Date: 2018-05-18 | Genre: Adventure |
Shadow of The Tomb Raider download torrentProduction Year: 2018 (October 4)
Platform: PC
Crack Status: Not Included

The third name from the rebooted Tomb Raider show is progressing her personality to the end of that which could be considered her source story. Where the first two matches in the series discovered Lara tapping right into her possible and finding a means to live, Shadow of this Tomb Raider has her actively searching down the villainous organization Trinity and carrying the battle to the bad guys. In doing this, Shadow of this Tomb Raider looks poised to put Lara through harrowing minutes as she comes to grips with that she's become. This time, however, she needs to take care of the fallout of her abusive mindset. From the brief, 45-minute demo revealed to journalists, it is Lara, maybe not the bad men, who triggers a tragedy.

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Games Torrents | Views: 28456 | Downloads: 7813 | Date: 2018-05-14 | Genre: Adventure |
Outcast: Second Contact download torrentProduction Year: 2017 (November 7)
Platform: PC
Crack Status: Crack Included (CODEX)

Effortlessly charismatic. A massive open world that encouraged free exploration. For the five individuals who may conduct it, it was a memorable, glorious experience.

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Games Torrents | Views: 1751 | Downloads: 65 | Date: 2018-05-11 | Genre: Adventure |
Hello Neighbor download torrentProduction Year: 2017 (December 8)
Platform: PC
Crack Status: Beta 3

As soon as your neighbor discovers you, he gives chase, and he is apparently difficult to escape. We did not get to see that through my presentation. While poking around you find a secret which you need to put at a briefcase to advance to the remainder of the game, and on through a doorway.

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Games Torrents | Views: 4932 | Downloads: 365 | Date: 2017-11-09 | Genre: Adventure |
Far Cry 5 download torrentProduction Year: 2018 (February 27)
Platform: PC
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Far Cry comes to America from the most recent installment of this award-winning franchise. Stand up to cult leader Joseph Seed, and his allies, the Heralds, to ignite the fires of immunity and also liberate the besieged community.

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Games Torrents | Views: 19377 | Downloads: 3566 | Date: 2017-09-27 | Genre: Adventure |
Ghost Recon Wildlands download torrentProduction Year: 2017 (March 7)
Platform: PC
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The game happens in Bolivia in July 2019. The nation is becoming more and more shaky as the Santa Blanca, a Mexican drug cartel that is formerly minor, gets more power and influence inside the county to the stage where Bolivia is becoming a narco state as well as the biggest producer of cocaine in the world. The rise in power of the drug cartel concerns the Usa Government, as the influence in Santa Blanca has started to spread beyond Bolivia.

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Games Torrents | Views: 8713 | Downloads: 1105 | Date: 2017-08-08 | Genre: Adventure |
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier download torrentProduction Year: 2017 (March 28)
Platform: PC
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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier  Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4 and Episode 5 

Sometime following the outbreak, former soldier David GarcĂ­a, the guy utilizing the idea to brand themselves having a symbol to indicate each other as a member formed the group. Sometime before the events of the game, the group took over the city of Richmond for unknown motives. In addition they assaulted the community of Wellington, Ohio due to the group not giving them food when they requested it.

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Games Torrents | Views: 4901 | Downloads: 245 | Date: 2017-06-12 | Genre: Adventure |
Mirror's Edge Catalyst download torrentProduction Year: 2016 (June 9)
Platform: PC
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Mirror's Edge Catalyst is a first person action-adventure game where the player takes control of Faith Connors as she advances by way of a futuristic city. Like the Edge of the first Mirror, players traverse the city leaping moves evade or fight enemies and to finish assignments and using facets of urban exploration. Players also can use external objects like zip-lines and ledges, and gear including mag rope and disruptor to go across buildings.

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Games Torrents | Views: 4345 | Downloads: 122 | Date: 2017-04-02 | Genre: Adventure |
Far Cry Primal download torrentProduction Year: 2016 (March 1)
Platform: PC
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Welcome to the Stone Age, a time of limitless experience and extraordinary risk, when sabretooth tigers and giant mammoths ruled humankind and the Earth is at the end of the food chain. As the last survivor of your hunting group, outsmart enemy tribes to beat the land of Oros and end up being the Apex Predator, fend off ferocious predators, and you'll learn how to craft a lethal arsenal.

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Games Torrents | Views: 5120 | Downloads: 275 | Date: 2017-02-26 | Genre: Adventure |

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